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What it’s like being a teen girl


The violations started small. I was 12, fairly tall with brand new boobs. My mother wouldn’t let me buy “real bras” for a long time. It didn’t occur to me that was weird until boys in my class started advising me to “stop wearing sports bras” because I was looking a little “saggy.” 

It was a boy who told me I had to start shaving my legs if I wanted anyone to ever like me. I said that wasn’t true. He laughed in my face and called me a dyke.

That night after shaving, my mother asked me why I was so vain. 

They started finding reasons to touch me, pinching my butt, snapping my new “real bras,” (“They look a lot better. Did you stuff?”) or straight-up grabbing my breasts. Dropped pencils with awkward leanovers. Staged run-ins.

One time, a popular boy I knew who lived on my street forced his way into my living room while my parents were still working and fought with me over a remote control so that he could cop a feel. I didn’t say anything. Speaking up was not an option—rather, an easy road to being even more ostracized and labelled “crazy.” Besides, who would believe that he’d wanted to touch me?

They named girls one by one, by the flaws of our bodies. What they considered theirs. They would write them on chalkboards to taunt us. Draw crude pictures. 

If we showed it hurt us, it only got worse. I would cry in the bathroom and hope for some serious illness to keep me out of school, if only for a day.

When I kissed one boy, he encouraged me to do the same with his friends. Not because he thought I might want to, but because I was a toy he wanted to share. An experience he wanted to give his less “successful” friends. For them, a celebration. For me, certain social suicide.

Even if I wanted it, there was never any winning.

I will never forget how excited I was to be invited to watch a movie with the popular boy I liked. I primped for hours. (I was, after all, a teenager grappling with my own new sexuality.) When I got there, he did not put on the movie we agreed to watch, but a porn film. I had never seen one before. He unzipped his pants, pushed and pulled at me. I cried the whole walk home.

They could pinpoint weaknesses. Worse, they knew they were wrong but there were just never any consequences. They knew this—treating us like objects there for them—was what was expected of them. 

I want to say that they stop. But the truth is that some never do.

I have never stopped being reminded of my there-for-men status. I am reminded when I am violated in my sleep, or groped in a bar, or held down by a longtime friend. I am reminded when I refuse conversation with a strange man and he spits in my direction, or calls me a “bitch.” I am reminded when I am asked why I wore such a pretty dress if I wasn’t trying to “pick up.” I am reminded when I am told to be less angry and more agreeable. I am reminded when I talk about my lived experience and am told to “stop being so negative about everything.” I am reminded when young girls are bullied so severely by men who wanted to see their bodies that they commit suicide. 

We don’t talk honestly enough about what it’s like being a teen girl. If we did talk about it, what it was like for us, perhaps we wouldn’t be so harsh on them. Perhaps we wouldn’t throw our hands up in the air and exclaim “oh, teen girls, they’re so difficult!” Perhaps they wouldn’t be so scary. Perhaps we’d see their lives for the small and large violations they’re often made up of; and what those violations do. 

Perhaps we would have been less surprised today when we learned that a fifteen-year-old boy was arrested on the scene of a sexual assault, in connection with a series of sexual assaults occurring in the Bloor and Christie area of Toronto. Perhaps we would be less shocked by the fact that it’s 12-17 year old boys who are the most likely to commit sexual assault (Statistics Canada, pg. 13). That is, after all, what they were doing to me. 

My stories are not uncommon. They’re more common than we want to think. As my friend Panic said: “Ask anyone who is or has been a teenaged girl. 15-yr-old boys assaulting women is common. It’s ‘normal.’” It’s so normal, in fact, that we don’t talk about it until we’re women and we know it doesn’t have to be.

Pretty much everything in North American culture tells men and boys that women and girls are there for them. So please, do us some favours. Stop telling us that we have to take self defence. Stop telling us we shouldn’t drink or go out at night or on dates. Stop telling us that we need to be prepared for whatever “boys-be-boys” violations come our ways, because it’s bullshit. We don’t have to accept this or carry it around in silence.

Start talking with men and boys about the messages they’re getting about women and girls. Tell them that they are not entitled to our bodies, no matter what. Talk to them honestly and comprehensively about sexualization and objectification. Stop being afraid to talk about boundaries, sex, and pleasure—leaving that to schools, the Internet, and peers is simply not cutting it. Show them what consent really looks like.

And this sounds basic, but remind them that we’re, you know, people? We deserve at least that much.


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“But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer.”

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Introduction on personal blog up.

Will post here every time there is a new entry to save people from having to check all the time.

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I have sent the link and password to everyone who expressed interest except sieben2703 and belacantemasek as I could not locate your ask boxes for some reason. Drop me an ask and I’ll respond with the details!

And anyone else still interested in reading actual blog entries by me feel free to do the same. I just request that the page be kept to yourself.

806: 56 pm: miavonhyde

  1. I’d want to read it! I really like reading your thoughts/reflections about things. You always have something interesting to say.
  2. I always read your blogs with interest. You have a way with words that makes things sound a little better than if they came out of my mouth.
  3. I would
  4. Me.. I would be interested :)
  5. I would :) x
  6. I would be interested.
  7. it really helps me keep up with you, I’ve missed you lately but we’ve both got so much going on, oh goodness!
  8. meeeeeeeeeeee

Wow, okay. Guess I’ll make a password-protected blog then O.O

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laughatdragons said: I’m sorry you have to deal with that hun. THE best present ever is almost ready to go in the mail!

It’s okay. I nipped it in the bun pretty much the day it started and there’s been nothing since then but you can’t be too careful. I’m more paranoid about my safety since I got bumped. And YAY! I am so excited but I know I promised not to open until after labour D:

Mia, Mia! I always tended to read your posts. -Misery

Well maybe if I can be bothered I might start a password-protected diary and inbox the password to people I trust who want it.. I’ll consider it!

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laughatdragons said: who's been trying to stalk you?

People who vaguely know me in real life and enjoy attempting to spread rumours and/or cause unnecessary drama. I don’t feel like naming anyone.

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ninjaruski said: Wait, you don't use this blog for posting? How did I miss that! What's the new blog?

This is my only blog, I don’t use any for posting any more because I’ve had people attempt to stalk me online recently and no longer feel comfortable sharing personal information that’s available to anyone online. I’m looking into getting a password-protected blog but I don’t know if enough people would actually read it to make it worthwhile.

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laughatdragons replied to your post: Wishing you the best.

this one is kinda creepy.

Thank god, it’s not just me. Especially since all my actual friends know I don’t really use this for posting any more, just for reading other people’s blogs.

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Anonymous said: Wishing you the best.

Am I the only person who finds random messages like this creepy rather than supportive? :-S Please come off anon if you have genuine wellness wishes.

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Sometimes it is good to remember that I am enough, on my own, just as I am.

I don’t tell myself that very often but I really should. All of my depression stems from the idea that I need certain things and certain people to be happy so when they start to drift away from me I feel as though my life is over, but this simply isn’t true. I have lost people before and had things taken away from me and I am still here, still breathing and still have the strength to get through every day and still have the clarity of sight to be able to count the blessings I do have despite all the nonsense.

And if that isn’t something then I don’t know what is.

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You answered every question truthfully.

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